Mom - English Springer Spaniel

Skyla is a 6 year old purebred English Springer Spaniel.  She is intelligent and very friendly.  She howls to get you to pay attention to her.  She adores the water, any water... ie:  swimming pools are great fun for her.  She is wonderful with children and very eager to please.

My husband and I live on an acreage just outside of Beiseker, Alberta.  We love our dogs and know that their combined personality produce wonderful offspring.

Our fourth litter was born March 10th.  They are mostly black with white on their chests and paws.  

Dad - Golden Retriever 

Tucker is a 4 year old purebred Golden Retriever.  He is gentle with lots of energy.  He loves other dogs and uses his big front paws to wrestle.  He likes to bark to get your attention especially if another dog is getting more pets than him. provides comprehensive, in-depth Spangold Retriever information.Read more about dogs at 
   Born To Swim
-Spangold Retrievers-
Owner Andrea says "Cooper is amazing... couldn't have asked for a better dog..."
Rosie's mom says "She has a great temperament -- friendly (sometimes too friendly) with everyone she meets as well as with other dogs."
Our New Litter!!!
Born March 10th 3 females and 3 males 
This is (Lovey), he is adorable and loving, more calm of the bunch
This is my sweety, he is very sure of himself and loves to be cuddled.
This is my sweet pea, she is very gentle and calm and loves to cuddle
This is my monkey, she is very curious and loves to rough and tumble but still gives the best kisses!!